Coming onboard means joining the family

Philly Reps is a Marketing and Consulting House. We partner with our photographers to offer targeted marketing and consulting support to ensure their work and brands get the exposure they deserve. Because, let's face it, no one is going to hire you if they don't know you exist.

Our House was established by creatives for creatives. We know more than anyone that no talented artist deserves to starve and so we're offering a seat at the table. Call it comfort food, cheerleading, brand management, marketing support, an extra set of eyes, a photo editor, a photo therapist, a rep, a valuable member of your team, or simply someone you can be professionally honest with—we are something different to each and every one of the photographers we work with. And that's exactly the way we like it. In this industry, it's all about making impressions on the right people at the right time, and with the right content. We're here to help you do that in any way needed.



The Team


Khalid Stewart
Director of Operations

In West Philadelphia, born and raised… Khalid spent his early days curating visual displays. He went on to merchandise some of Philadelphia’s finest props and antiques before embarking on a 10+ year career in Arts Education. Khalid Stewart defines what it means to be both artist and educator. Equipped with a BFA from the University of The Arts and years of dealing with the art and practice of creating strong visual content, he now manages and directs the vision and the voice of Philly Reps.


Stacy Swiderski
Agent + Consultant (aka Photo Therapist)

Stacy is a Philadelphia based Creative Consultant with an extensive background in commercial photography, education and consulting. She's worked with hundreds of photographers from all parts of the globe during her time in the industry. She holds an MPS in Digital Photography from The School of Visual Arts and a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of Design.


Allie Seyffart
Creative Consultant

Allie has been working in the photography industry for over 8 years, honing her vision and her skills as both a photographer/photographer's assistant for clients in the hospitality, architecture, and education industry. After working closely with Stacy Swiderski as her Assistant Photo Editor at Stacy Swiderski Consulting, Allie has been instrumental in the development and launch of Philly Reps. She works with photographers on creative coaching, portfolio builds and project development. 


Matt Lander
Production + Estimating

Matt Lander is a swiss army knife of production. He’s a versatile asset to any photographers team, able to help with everything from assisting, to producing a shoot, to writing and reviewing estimates, and everything in-between. If you need an assistant with a bit of production help, someone to set up catering and pull permits, or someone to coordinate with clients and produce a shoot he’d be happy to work with you.


Anita Spence
Marketing + Research Specialist

Anita is our resident marketing and research specialist and an integral part of the work that's done behind the scenes at Philly Reps. Whether building a list, researching client prospects, digging through databases, or making agency calls on behalf of our photographers, her role is the backbone of our brand. Prior to joining our team, she honed her skills in the commercial insurance industry. 


Let's not forget the team of independent producers, copywriters, and designers we work with around the globe:

Kelley, Jennifer, Brittany, Colby, and Michal

what folks are

Saying About Us


“Philly Reps not only refreshed my brand, they transformed the way I shoot and gave me the confidence and community to take my work to the next level. With a keen eye for detail, they went through years of portrait work and put together a dynamic rebrand that shows the world exactly who I am and what I'm capable of. They truly are the best in the business.”

- RJ Lewis

“The custom emailer you designed and pulled content for worked out great! I ended up getting three different projects from that email blast."

- Mario Madau

“I really enjoyed working with Stacy on my new web and print portfolio. She was able to completely revamp the way my portfolio was presented and really took the time to understand my vision and workflow. I would highly recommend Philly Reps to any photographer looking to take their business to a new level.”

- Soho Story

“Just landed the largest gig in my 25 year career. I told you our collaboration would pay off. It's been just over a year and the work is really hitting. Thanks again for being part of my team.”

- Craig Orsini