Tadd Myers

Dallas based Tadd Myers knows that photography is about telling a story. Whether it be through one frame or a library of images, his photographs reveal a poignant narrative about the subject. Operating an offset press at the age of 15 in his father’s printing company, Tadd learned the importance of quality craftsmanship at an early age and it has remained a staple in his work ever since. He’s worked for a diverse range of commercial and editorial clients including: 44 Farms, American Airlines, Apple, Chevrolet, D Magazine, Danner Footwear, Harvard University, New Balance, Sears Craftsman Tools, Sprint, Standard Meat Corp, Trinity Industries, Verizon, Walmart and Wild Turkey.


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info@taddmyers.com | 214.752.2372 | taddmyers.com | Instagram | Linkedin | American Craftsman Project